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"When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around." Willie Nelson

(this quote is from a fun little book I found in a great used book store in AZ while visiting my daughter and son-in-law, who saw me enjoying looking through it, and surprised me by buying it for me when I wasn't looking - the book is entitled "The Book of Country Music Wisdom" - compiled by Criswell Freeman)




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Upcoming Event:  

Chris Potter,Boulder flutist and flute teacher, is organizing a concert featuring compositions that I have done. Other people are playing most of it - I get to just sit and listen. I'm grateful to Chris for having the idea to do such a project, and grateful to the

other musicians who have graciously agreed to participate.  


That event will take place on Sunday, October 25, at 4:00 p.m. in the Chapel at First Presbyterian Church in Boulder - 1820 15th Street. No charge at the door, but there will be a free-will offering taken to help with expenses.  


There will be some ragtime pieces - a few played on the piano and a few more by a woodwind trio. Add to that a choral piece, "Sing About Love", a sacred piece for soprano, flute and piano, entitled "Your Everlasting Light", on a text from Isaiah, a short 'mini-opera' entitled "The Coffee's Greener on the Other Side of the Shop", and finally, a brand new piece in four movements for bass flute and strings.  


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