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"All the music that ever was still sounds; all the music that is to be still slumbers."  Thomas Surette, Music and Life

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Pat Holmberg cannot remember when she didn't play the piano. She was drawn to it as a small child and the fascination with and love for it has never waned.

Pat has had a private piano studio in her home for many years in Boulder.

She grew up in a small town in Central Montana, and ventured out into the wider world after high school. She went south, to the University of Colorado, earning a Bachelor of Music Education and Master of Music (in piano performance) there. After three years teaching (one year at Gulf Park College in Gulfport MS and two in Littleton CO in the public schools) she married and began her family. Always after that, she taught piano at home, but never stopped keeping up her own playing. She was almost always composing something as well.

Pat began playing with jazz groups while a student at the University, and the music she has written shows strong jazz influence. She suspended playing gigs with combos while her children were small, but picked up on it again later as they were older. She often has accompanied classical singers and instrumentalists in the Denver/Boulder area, and has given several solo recitals in the Boulder Public Library Concert Series - some with standard classical repertoire and others with original compositions. Her music has been performed locally, including a forty-five minute cantata she wrote for choirs, soloists, and orchestra in 1995 for the 100th anniversary of First Presbyterian Church in Boulder. She has received performances of some flute ensemble pieces throughout the country.

The most recent project has been arranging the first movement of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony for five pianos. It was a big project, but is now finished. It will be performed on Friday night, January 29, 7:30 p.m., in Boulder Colorado at the First Presbyterian Church annual 'Pianos Alive' concert. It has become a very popular event, with several hundred people in attendance each year. I believe this will be the fifth or sixth year the church has done that presentation.

Current composition projects are a group of solo flute pieces - entitled 'Jazzy Flute Soliloquys'. Two are done, and another 10 or so a sketched out.

She lives in Colorado with her husband Russ. Their family includes six grown children, 11 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.