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Songs for Seniors 

Sixteen fun original songs which describe life for active senior citizens. All but one of the performers on this CD are senior citizens. There are various solo singers with swing band accompaniment. Pat did this song writing project with close friend Maria Rogers who wrote the lyrics. Sadly, Maria died a few years ago of breast cancer.

Songs for Seniors

 You may order a copy of this cd at:  https://www.createspace.com/2168207

The print music book of these Songs for Seniors is available for $15.95 at:  https://www.createspace.com/4270792


 Titles are:

We're Free (now that we're retired),

Dinner (dealing with dietary restrictions for dinner guests), 

My Favorite Chair (a love song), 

Write It Down (Latin beat - about forgetfulness), 

Lustin' to Roam (a country-style song about drivin' in your RV home), 

My Turn to Give (caring for an aged parent), 



Puzzling Memory,


She Fills My World With Love (a love song to a kitten), 

Gotta Be the Weather (about aches and pains brought on by the weather), 

I've Got a Plan (how a retired man tries to get out of chores), 

Unchained Snowbirds (about going south for the winter), 

Fashions, and

Cruisin' Crowd(about going on a cruise).



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