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Orchestral Music


The Water Suite

for Glass Harp, Piano and Orchestra

by Patricia Tanttila Holmberg

My brother, Jamey Turner, has played the glass harp (a version of his own invention) for years. He has played with some major orchestras, with the Metropolitan Opera in NYC (there's a part for his instrument in the mad scene from 'Lucia') and many receptions and events at schools, churches, synagogues, and commercial settings through the years. On weekends in nice weather he also may be found down by the water in Alexandria, VA, entertaining passersby. In the spring of 2010 he asked me to write a piece for him to play with orchestras, and I went to work and came up with "The Water Suite". It was premiered by the Butler County Symphony Orchestra in October of that year. Their theme for that season was water - so I intentionally wrote with that in mind, and named it accordingly. It had a second performance in the spring of 2011 by the McLean Virginia Symphony. It is the video my daughter filmed at that performance which you will see below by clicking on the links. Dingwall Fleary was conducting.

1st Movement - Spring Creek*


2nd Movement - Summer Rain


3rd Movement - The Mighty Colorado**


*(named for the creek which runs through Jamey's and my hometown of Lewistown, Montana)

**(in honor of the Colorado river, which runs through the state where I now live.)

For orchestras interested in performing "The Water Suite", the score and parts may be ordered (for rental) here:


However, I highly recommend checking with Jamey (Jamey@Jameyturner.com) to learn of his availability on the dates you're considering. Or maybe you know another glass harp player!

Andante in D  info pending

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