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Flute Players -

grab some other flute players and

have some fun with this piece


Christmas in the Rockies

Put this CD in your player and enjoy 49 minutes of acoustic piano improvisations of old favorite carol tunes. No lyrics - just instrumental. Great background music for when you're opening your gifts on Christmas morning! only $12.95


I've never known a musician who regretted being one. Whatever deceptions life may have in store for you, music itself is not going to let you down. Virgil Thomson 

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I'm currently working on getting the written scores for all the titles in my CD entitled 'Jazz Images' finished and available in one bound book. All of these are classically structured piano pieces, but make use of jazz rhythms and harmonic structures throughout. You can listen to these tracks in my 'albums' page. Check back to see when they're available in score form. They are for advanced pianists only.

"The earth has music for those who listen."


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Well....the Holiday Season will be coming in a few weeks, so I decided to feature only audio titles this month. Some you may enjoy for yourself, but others might qualify for people on your gift list.

Quote of the Month

"I was obliged to work hard. Whoever is equally industrious will succeed just as well." J.S.Bach

Items of Interest

I invite you to visit

and read about the 5th Annual

Composers' Competition

for young people aged 6-18

If you are a young composer or know    one,  this is a great opportunity!   to

Here are five of the Rocky Mountain Composers' group - at our monthly meeting in Boulder at LePeep's.

We usually have two meetings per month - the first being a business meeting. Often we are planning for the next composers' competition event, where we accept scores for different age groups from 6 years old on up. Watch for the notice about the next one. Info comping soon.

Then we often have a second meeting at my house, during which we talk about our first love - music. We share scores of things we are working on and critique each other.

I must say that this is one great group of people. I have never seen petty competitve attitudes get in the way of our time together. We are all interested in and supportive of each others' efforts. It's the best it could possibly be. Those meetings are always an inspiration!

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