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Music Journey Journal

This is a blank paperback book (pages are lined) just waiting for you to fill with your music activities, thoughts, etc. You will enjoy the comment at the top or each page from composers and performers 


How to Practice the Piano

This paperback book describes the process from selecting a piece of music to work on to having that piece performance ready. There are many very helpful tips along the way. 


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5Perhaps the best book on piano practise

ByVesa Ronkainenon February 8, 2014

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

I have studied recently a large number of piano books that are available for Kindle, and in my view this is the best single treatment on piano practise. It is easy to read, all the fundamentals are covered succinctly, and the price is competitive. I have applied the methods of this book in my own practise routine with good results. Highly recommended.

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5loved it....very timely

ByCynthia Morettion January 25, 2015

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

Wonderful advice. Very timely as I'm about to start Working on New pieces for my CD. I liked her advice about playing music I enjoy and what appeals to me now. Reading about the composers, the initial read through when starting a new piece, building a solid 1st level, the importance between a work out tempo and playing tempo,
Listening to my inner voice for a deeper connection with the music, techniques for difficult passages.
The best of all was that the more deeply I understand and connect with the music, the more deeply I will connect with others. Thank you...a wonderful read!