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Stride Piano Oldies

Using the old stride bass style ofhere are familiar songs from the early 1900's. Familiar to anyone over 75!

This is a great gift for the

senior citizen in your life!

59 minutes - $15.95

* Books *

Music Journey Journal

This is a blank paperback book (pages are lined) just waiting for you to fill with your music activities, thoughts, etc. You will enjoy the comment at the top or each page from composers and performers 


The perfect gift for the musician in your life!

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Jazz Images

Several piano pieces, classically structured, but with strong jazz influenc in the rhythms and harmonic structures. 

42 minutes - $13.95

Christmas Gift Ideas

* CD's *

Christmas in the Rockies copy.jpg

Christmas in the Rockies

Acoustic Piano improvisations on these wonderful

Christmas carol tunes

You'll enjoy listening to these on Christmas morning as you open your gifts!

49 minutes - $12.95

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Songs for Seniors

Sixteen fun songs for active seniors - including 'The Cruisin' Crowd', 'Drivin' in My RV Home' etc.

40 minutes - $16.95

Favorite Hymns of the Christian Faith -

Favorite Christian Hymns

Acoustic Piano improvisations on many old and beloved hymn tunes

50 minutes - $14.95

* Books *


How to Practice the Piano

This paperback book describes the process from selecting a piece of music to work on to having that piece performance ready. There are many very helpful tips along the way. 


If there is a pianist in your life, thix would be the perfect gift fot them!

Boulder Rags

Fourteen Ragtime Piano pieces named for and honoring places in and around beautiful Boulder Colorado

26 minutes - $14.95