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Mountain Images

Acoustic Piano Improvisations doing homage to 

places in the Colorado Rockies

42 minutes - $14.95


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Favorite Hymns of the Christian Faith -

Songs for Seniors

Sixteen fun songs for active seniors - including 'The Cruisin' Crowd', 'Drivin' in My RV Home' etc.

40 minutes - $16.95

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Favorite Christian Hymns

Acoustic Piano improvisations on many old and beloved hymn tunes

50 minutes - $14.95

These cd's are temporarily unavailable

as of June 1, 2021.  You may still stream and/or buy single tracks.

Stride Piano Oldies

Using the old stride bass style ofhere are familiar songs from the early 1900's. Familiar to anyone over 75!

This is a great gift for the

senior citizen in your life!

59 minutes - $15.95

Jazz Images  - temporarily unavailable

Several piano pieces, classically structured, but with strong jazz influenc in the rhythms and harmonic structures. 

42 minutes - $13.95

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Heading 1

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Christmas in the Rockies

Acoustic Piano improvisations on these wonderful

Christmas carol tunes

49 minutes - $12.95

Boulder Rags

Fourteen Ragtime Piano pieces named for and honoring places in and around beautiful Boulder Colorado

26 minutes - $14.95