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Ragtime Miniatures

for Two Flutes

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Ragtime Miniatures for 2 flutes - set 1.
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Ragtime Miniatures


Flute and Clarinet

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Ragtime Miniatures


Enjoy reading some reviews from flute teachers. Here they are:
ByDr. Mom : As a flute teacher, I watch for new and interesting music for my students. These Rags are terrific! They are harmonically and musically interesting, introduce a style to the students with which they may be unfamiliar yet has a "jazzy" feel, and are simple enough in range, rhythm and length (they're relatively brief) to be approachable to the intermediate student - a level at which one often needs interesting music to keep them going! - and above. I had one student who is versed in jazz (plays jazz trumpet) who tried to swing these, so I had the opportunity to work with him on how Rags differ from "swung" jazz, which was kind of fun. I feel these duets fill a need in the modern flute studio, and recommend them highly. Something to Rag about - for students & performers a-like!
By Em:  This 12-piece book is a delightful introduction to ragtime for flutists, who usually don't get the chance to play much jazz or "rag" music. What I perhaps enjoy most about the book is, the 2nd flute part has many chances for nice melodic interplay or fun walking bass lines to accompany the 1st flute. (Unlike many duet books that have a rather stagnant bass line for the 2nd flute/accompaniment.) If you are playing with students who are new to the territory, it is a great book to have them develop an ear for jazz chords. You'll need to review how to swing eighths, since that isn't covered here --it's for Intermediate players after all :). The lines should not be incredibly challenging though, and it is presented in such a way that whether up or down tempo, it's still fun to play. I did like playing most of the pieces up-tempo, though! My top favorite pieces are #5- "Forget-Me-Not", #6 - "Cotton Candy Rag", #11 - "High Country Stomp" (it's nice got a nice lilting feel) and #12- "Green Mountain Saunter." There is a great variety, and each piece has a memorable melody. Grab a flutist friend and play these! If you like to have up-beat and playful tunes (especially during these cold winter months) these will warm you up real fast.
The Ragtime Miniatures for Two Flutes – Set 1 Intermediate by Patricia Holmberg lends itself to development in rhythmic and reading skills. It offers studies of syncopated rhythms in 4/4 and 12/8. The 12/8 duets support improvement in the student’s triple feel. Also, the changes in meter challenge and support the enhanced reading skills of the student. Furthermore, the chromatic tones offer stylistic colors to the student’s assortment of fingering patterns. Students using the book had a positive response to the melodic content: it was fun to play—a breath of fresh air.Thank you for bringing your book to my attention. We await set two. Phyllis G.
Ragtime Miniatures- Intermediate By Jean A. E.  This is Intermediate level music, it can satisfy several levels of players, and altho rags come over stylistically the same , these are varied enough . Except for mostly using flat key signatures, and having some confusion in finding your way around repeats and da capos, these are pleasant little works, some of which would make nice concert encores. The only feature I as a performer corrected when my friend and I played them thru was to 8 va some of the too low 2nd parts. Doing this seemed to improve the voicing.So In general, nice work,Pat!!Professional Flutist/ performer Jean A.