Stride Piano Oldies

Dated piano style playing familiar songs from the early 1900's. Familiar to anyone over 75!

Enjoy listening to the tracks below. There are 19 tracks in total. Single tracks may be purchased here for $1.00 each. 

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You are welcom to copy the lyrics for Stride Piano Oldies - just click on that title. Very helpful for

retirement community sing-alongs!

A bit of history - years ago, I remember trying to get the hang of playing 'stride piano.  Just when I was beginning to get better at it, the styles changed. Stride piano became old fashioned and 'square'. Bebop  was on the rise, with off-beat left hand chords and right hand improvised lines. I remember spending hours listening to an old vinyl recording of Andre Previn, to figure out what he was doing. Listening to Dave Brubeck was also helpful and inspiring. So I began working with that. And, as chance would have it, that worked well until rock came in. I reminded me of this quote from Franz Liszt: "Music is never stationary; successive forms and styles are only like so many resting places - like tents pitched and taken down again on the road to the Ideal." Franz Liszt