Aspen Leaf Rag and Fugue


Six Flutes

Originally written for and performed by six bass flutes, it also works just fine with six C flutes. A cheerful, fun piece.

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This was written on a commission by renowned flutist Chris Potter in 1994, for a flute choir even she was sponsoring at that time. 

Listen to a group playing this piece on YouTube 

Syncopations abound in these contrapuntal pieces - equally interesting in each part - toe-tapping and fun pieces.

Ragtime Miniatures


Two Flutes

Set 1 - $12.95

Ragtime Miniatures for 2 flutes - set 1.

Set 2 - $12.95

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Sets 1 & 2 - $18.95

Ragtime Miniatures Set 1 for Flute and C

The same

Ragtime Miniatures


Flute and Clarinet

Click on each of the pictures to order bound copies

Ragtime Miniatures for Flute and Clarine

Ragtime Miniatures Set 1

for flute and clarinet - $12.95

Ragtime Miniatures Set 2

for flute and clarinet - $12.95

In the 'Albums' section of my site, you can listen to piano recordings of these rags, which were first written for piano, and subsequently arranged for this woodwind trio.

Boulder Rags


Woodwind Trio

Flute, Clarinet and Bassoon

There are 14 ragtime pieces in this
collection - named for places in and
around beautiful Boulder Colorado

Here are the same

Boulder Rags

arranged for

Flute, Clarinet, and Bass Clarinet

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Boulder Rags  for Fluite Clar. and Bass
Boulder Rags  for Fluite Clar. and Bass
Boulder Rags  for Fluite Clar. and Bass

$22.95                              $9.95                                   $9.45                                 $9.95

Boulder Rags  for Fluite Clar. and Bass

Fourteen ragtime pieces originally written for piano have been arranged here tor Flute, Clarinet and Bass Clarinet. These are fun to play and fun to hear.

Jour de Pan MASTER SCORE.png

Jour de Pan

a piece in 4 movements

for bass flute with strings


The four movements are:

1. Awakening
2. In the Glen
3. Afternoon with the Satyrs
4. Twilight of the Muses


Music for individual parts

is available only as a digital

download. Click on each instrument name for the link:

Click on the picture

to order the bount copy


$6.99 for each instrument part

 Set 2 - click here for digital download - $9.95

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